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Greece latitude and longitude

We have 242 cities in Greece in our database. Find the city to get latitude and longitude coordinates.

Lat-long coorditates for cities in Greece are in range: Latitude from 35.01186 to 41.50306 and longitude from 19.91975 to 28.2225.

Too many cities to show in list (242 items), filter by clicking on starting letter of the city:

A (40) | C (7) | D (8) | E (7) | F (6) | G (10) | I (7) | K (33) | L (11) | M (17) | N (23) | O (4) | P (26) | R (4) | S (12) | T (11) | V (8) | X (2) | Y (2) | Z (4) |

NOT FULL LIST! Only 50 largest cities in alphabetical order:

Acharnés (Attica)
Agía Paraskeví (Attica)
Agios Dimitrios (Attica)
Agrínio (West Greece)
Aigáleo (Attica)
Alexandroúpoli (East Macedonia and Thrace)
Álimos (Attica)
Athens (Attica)
Chaïdári (Attica)
Chalkída (Central Greece)
Chaniá (Crete)
Dráma (East Macedonia and Thrace)
Galátsi (Attica)
Glyfáda (Attica)
Ílion (Attica)
Ilioúpoli (Attica)
Ioánnina (Epirus)
Irákleio (Attica)
Irákleion (Crete)
Kalamariá (Central Macedonia)
Kalamáta (Peloponnese)
Kallithéa (Attica)
Kateríni (Central Macedonia)
Kavála (East Macedonia and Thrace)
Keratsíni (Attica)
Khalándrion (Attica)
Kifisiá (Attica)
Komotiní (East Macedonia and Thrace)
Korydallós (Attica)
Lamía (Central Greece)
Lárisa (Thessaly)
Maroúsi (Attica)
Néa Ionía (Attica)
Néa Smýrni (Attica)
Níkaia (Attica)
Palaió Fáliro (Attica)
Pátra (West Greece)
Peristéri (Attica)
Petroúpolis (Attica)
Piraeus (Attica)
Ródos (South Aegean)
Sérres (Central Macedonia)
Sykiés (Central Macedonia)
Thessaloníki (Central Macedonia)
Tríkala (Thessaly)
Véroia (Central Macedonia)
Vólos (Thessaly)
Výronas (Attica)
Xánthi (East Macedonia and Thrace)
Zográfos (Attica)

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