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French Polynesia latitude and longitude

We have 11 cities in French Polynesia in our database. Find the city to get latitude and longitude coordinates.

Lat-long coorditates for cities in French Polynesia are in range: Latitude from -17.75 to -8.91093 and longitude from -151.44482 to -140.09972.

Too many cities to show in list (11 items), filter by clicking on starting letter of the city:

A (2) | F (1) | M (1) | P (5) | T (1) | U (1) |
Arue (Îles du Vent)
Faaa (Îles du Vent)
Mahina (Îles du Vent)
Paea (Îles du Vent)
Papao (Îles du Vent)
Papeete (Îles du Vent)
Pirae (Îles du Vent)
Punaauia (Îles du Vent)
Taiohae (Îles Marquises)
Uturoa (Îles Sous-le-Vent)

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