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List of the cities in Belgium starting with B--. Click on city to get latitude and longitude coordinates.

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This is not full list, only top 50 cities are listed:

Balen (Flanders)
Basse Lasne (Wallonia)
Bassenge (Wallonia)
Bastogne (Wallonia)
Beaumont (Wallonia)
Beauraing (Wallonia)
Beauvechain (Wallonia)
Beernem (Flanders)
Beerse (Flanders)
Beersel (Flanders)
Begijnendijk (Flanders)
Bekkevoort (Flanders)
Beloeil (Wallonia)
Beringen (Flanders)
Berlaar (Flanders)
Berlare (Flanders)
Bernissart (Wallonia)
Bertem (Flanders)
Bertrix (Wallonia)
Beveren (Flanders)
Beyne-Heusay (Wallonia)
Bierbeek (Flanders)
Bilzen (Flanders)
Binche (Wallonia)
Blankenberge (Flanders)
Blégny (Wallonia)
Bocholt (Flanders)
Boechout (Flanders)
Bonheiden (Flanders)
Boom (Flanders)
Boortmeerbeek (Flanders)
Borgloon (Flanders)
Bornem (Flanders)
Borsbeek (Flanders)
Bouillon (Wallonia)
Boussu (Wallonia)
Boutersem (Flanders)
Braine-l'Alleud (Wallonia)
Braine-le-Château (Wallonia)
Braine-le-Comte (Wallonia)
Braives (Wallonia)
Brasschaat (Flanders)
Brecht (Flanders)
Bredene (Flanders)
Bree (Flanders)
Brugge (Flanders)
Brunehault (Wallonia)
Brussels (Brussels Capital)
Buggenhout (Flanders)
Butgenbach (Wallonia)

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